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We’ve moved!

After 43 years on the ninth floor of Langdale Hall (formerly known by the wonderfully-generic name “General Classroom Building”), we have moved our faculty and… more »


Maudelle Driskell

November 5, 7:30 in the Troy Moore Library.

Maudelle Driskell’s collection of poems is Talismans. She holds an MFA in poetry from Warren Wilson College. Her… more »


Christopher Merkner

October 16; Reading 7:30, Troy Moore Library

Christopher Merkner’s collection of stories is The Rise and Fall of the Scandamerican Domestic. His work has appeared… more »


Lauren Groff

Sept. 25; Craft Talk (time TBD), reading 7:30, both in the Troy Moore Library

Lauren Groff is the author of a short story collection, Delicate… more »